On the 26th of June 2016, Great Britain decided to leave the European Union, after 52% voted for change in the referendum. Brexit is one of the biggest changes in recent British politics; the second seemingly imminent Scottish referendum being another.

Immigration isn’t the only factor in Brexit; different business sectors and industries will be heavily effected. Whether your industry is recruitment, finance, agriculture etc, you will be affected either for better or for worse.

Brexit Unplugged will bring together the stories that explain its ramifications to your business or industry. It will feature insightful views and opinions from the most important people facing this political, social and financial challenge: You!

Our aim is to provide daily content. Some news stories may already have the full focus of the media – in this case we search for the best articles for you, so you don’t have to scour the net. On the other hand, there will be stories the media hasn’t highlighted – perhaps it’s news from mainland Europe or across the world, explaining how Brexit will impact them. Trade deals between Australia and Britain, or the impact of Brexit on the New Zealand agricultural industry. Brexit Unplugged will provide it all to you.

Our daily content will be shared on our homepage every morning, available before or whilst heading to work. Searching for what you want to know is easy as well. Just type your interest in the search bar in the top right of the page, or hover over the sub-categories on the homepage to view the multiple industries and policies we’re covering in detail.

Of course, our ‘industries’ and ‘policies’ sub-categories will grow as more and more Brexit news emerges. When any categories are added, we will update you in our monthly newsletter, as well as on our social media platforms – be sure to check these out!

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